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The Number One Dating Mistake Men Make - Stop Doing This and You'll Start Getting Laid

Do you know what the number one dating mistake men make is?

It's got nothing to do with looks, personality, or money. It's got nothing to do with where you take the girl or what you say to her.

In fact, let me tell you a little story.

I had a friend who used to take girls out for expensive dates every time he started seeing one. These girls were not too extraordinary in appearance, but my friend was so happy to actually have a date that he figured it was time to blow $300 on a restaraunt and a great night out.

Big mistake!

By doing this, he was telling the girl, "I'm desperate. I need to BUY your approval by spending a ton of money on you in the hopes you'll sleep with me."

Have you ever done that? I know I used to, all the time - and where did it get me? Home alone at night, or worse: waiting for the girl to call me, hoping I'd done all the right things by blowing tons of money on her.

It's not the guy's fault for doing this; society brainwashes us into thinking we have to "court" the woman this way, paying for expensive dates and flowers and chocolate, and catering to her every whim. It's not the woman's fault, either; it's simply that guys get sent so many mixed messages that they have no idea how to effectively date women, get laid, have a good variety of women to choose from, and still maintain their lifestyle at the same time.

When you're dating a woman, you need to stop thinking in terms of money as somehow getting you laid. Money has nothing to do with whether or not she'll sleep with you.

In reality, the only thing that's going to get you laid is how dominant you are.

Read that last paragraph again, and solidify it in your mind. This is the KEY to getting laid on the first date, getting regular sex with as many women as you want, and being happy in your life. The guys who get laid all the time are the ones who are dominant with women because they don't make the number one dating mistake of all time (to buy the woman's approval).

The guys who get laid all the time are the ones who don't care what women think, and simply decide what restauraunt to go to, how much to spend, and when to take her back to his place for sex. (Sometimes the woman will actually initiate this, if you adopt the techniques of an alpha male who does what he want and stops caring about gaining approval from other people.)

Obviously sex is a different topic entirely which I'll save for another article, but if you take anything from this piece, take this: you need to be a dominant male to get laid.

If you'd like to learn more about techniques that dominant males use to get laid as often as they want, I highly recommend Become an Alpha Male.

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